Tamagawa Ice Breaker

Tamagawa Ice Breaker

Hot fun in the summertime

Ice Breaker alleviates the heat and humidity of the Japaneser summer, just as nihonshu breaks the ice in social situations. Deep-flavoured, spicey unpasteurized genshu over ice is both refreshing and satisfying, and the intricate variations of flavour and aroma as the temperature and alcohol level shifts are endlessly fascinating. The sake world's first penguin!

Class Junmai ginjo (unpasteurised, undiluted, unfiltered)
May to August
Export -
Ingredients Rice, rice koji
Rice Nihonbare (Shiga Prefecture)
polishing ratio
Alcohol 17-17.9%

Serving recommendation

On the rocks Chilled Room temp Slightly warmed Hot

Sizes and prices

Sizes Prices
1.8L 3,240 yen
500ml 1,188 yen