Our brewers' favourite.

Named for the unexpectedly remote peninsula where the brewery is situated. Through the winter, hot Tango sake revives our workers at the end of the long, cold brewer's day. The reasonable price is one of Tango's attractions, but our brewers choose Tango even if there are more expensive options available. Excellent with all kinds of Japanese home cooking, and perfectly happy across a wide range of temperatures.

Class Honjozo, with occasional futsushu
Year round
Export -
Ingredients Rice, rice koji, brewers' alcohol
Rice Koji : Gohyakumangoku (Kyoto Prefecture, Hyogo Prefecture)
Other : Nihonbare, others (Kyoto Prefecture)
polishing ratio
65, 68%
Alcohol 15-15.9%

Serving recommendation

On the rocks Chilled Room temp Slightly warmed Hot

Sizes and prices

Sizes Prices
1.8L 1,782 yen