Tamagawa Junmai Ginjo (Stork Label)

Tamagawa Junmai Ginjo (Stork Label)

Conservational sake

Superb original artwork by Sakane Katsusuke shows the imposing Oriental White Stork in flight. This rare bird's last home in Japan was neighbouring Toyooka City, where organic farming to extend its habitat has allowed the population to recover to more than 100 birds. We brew two sister products with the costly brewer's rice grown there.

This junmai ginjo version with its elegant aromatics drinks well cold. For every bottle you drink, we make a donation to a charity supporting these wonderful birds (100 yen for 1.8L, 50 yen per 720ml bottle).

Class Junmai ginjo
Year round
Export -
Ingredients Rice, rice koji
Rice Organically grown Gohyakumangoku (Hyogo Prefecture)
polishing ratio
Alcohol 16-16.9%

Serving recommendation

On the rocks Chilled Room temp Slightly warmed Hot

Sizes and prices

Sizes Prices
1.8L (paulownia wood box) 5,400 yen
1.8L (no box) 4,320 yen
720ml (no box) 2,000 yen